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Towson  Arts  Collective

Board of Directors

Nancy Keene Fishel, Board President

I am proud to be both a board member and the gallery director at the Towson Arts Collective (TAC). I am passionate about supporting the local artistic community, where I foster participation in our TAC monthly shows, encourage members to offer workshops in support of our educational mission, and support working artists in all disciplines.

I am a working artist, currently focusing on digital painting, printmaking, and oil painting, showing my work in various venues in the greater Baltimore community. The themes of my work often focus on people in public places like museums, walking and riding wheeled vehicles, and in other public environments. My original degree was in sculpture, which led to time spent as a cabinetmaker.  I taught K-12 students in Baltimore County Public Schools for many years where I enjoyed witnessing the growth and passions of my students.

When not involved with art, I spend time with family, volunteer with my dog through Pets on Wheels, and enjoy travel and theatre.

Genie Briggs, Board Vice President

I have been a member of Towson Art Collective (TAC) since 2023 where I currently serve as vice president of the board.  My college education is in Art History, and I received a Master in Arts Administration from New York University.  For the last 28 years, my career has focused on marketing in industries ranging from interior design/wallcovering to medical/websites and banking.  During each experience, I have emphasized the importance of achieving a well-rounded education as well as learning by participation and involvement.

Since 2005, I have worked with Point Breeze Credit Union as Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing, and throughout the years I have volunteered for various arts organizations, the Chambers of Commerce, and finance organizations.  I also serve as president of the Community College of Baltimore County-Dundalk Foundation and help raise funds for local scholarship programs.  I have always been supportive of cultural local arts events and artists, and TAC has enabled me to make new inroads into the local Towson art scene.

Royce Zeiler, Board Secretary

I support the mission of Towson Arts Collective (TAC) by assisting in many ways with TAC events, spreading the TAC name at art shows, and bringing in other artists to join. 

My main artistic interest is photography. I prefer to shoot landscape/cityscape compositions, but also appreciate macro photography and portrait photography. I shoot mostly digital photography, but also have a film camera that I shoot with when I get the chance. In addition to photography, I enjoy writing poems and short stories. 

I love auto racing, my favorite song is “Fast Car,” and I am a Gemini.

Pat Sullivan, Board Member

I joined the Towson Art Collective (TAC) board in 2023 where I support our mission by attending board meetings, helping to staff our community events and gallery space, and promoting TAC within the local art community.  I have studied art at the Maryland Institute, College of Art, at Towson University, and at the Community College of Baltimore County.

I am an artist as well with many interests that have evolved over the years.  I enjoy oil and watercolor painting, making hand-built ceramics, writing, creating mixed media collages, sewing, and photography.  My exhibition quilts and photographs include the “Necessary Document” at School 33 Art Center as well as a quilt show at the Women’s Growth Center.  I have published book chapters and multiple articles, including memoirs, in journals and magazines.  I am constantly evolving in my artistic interests.

I enjoy growing vegetables which have often become the subjects of my paintings. I also enjoy working with ceramics, photography, landscape painting, flowers and my many grandchildren.


Elizabeth Davidson, Executive Director

As the Executive Director of Towson Arts Collective (TAC), I collaborate closely with the board members, dedicated volunteers, and our vibrant community to champion the mission of our organization.

Having earned BFA degrees in Photography and Graphic Design from the University of Hartford, my artistic journey has evolved over the years, embracing the realms of both oil and watercolor painting as well as exploring other novel and challenging mediums and materials. Within the tapestry of creativity, each stroke is a testament to a spirit perennially captivated by the ever-changing symphony of continuous learning.

Our TAC gallery is not just a location for me; it is home, a place where I actively contribute to and advocate for the flourishing artistic community and the broader local environment.

Pilar Bossano, TAC Coordinator
Potter, and Printmaker

I am the Art Coordinator for the Towson Art Collective where I started working in February 2022. I am an artist as well, concentrating on pottery and printmaking.

As the Art Coordinator, I attend the board meetings and record and share minutes. I help manage the gallery by supporting the artists, installing the shows, hosting the receptions, and processing sales.  I am also in charge of communications and social media.

As a potter, I am constantly evolving, developing new series combinations inspired by botanical prints, and weaving.  As a printmaker, I enjoy carving and printing linoleum; my subject matter reflects my love for birds.  I enjoy playing tennis and pickleball.

Student Interns

Sara McKee,
Towson High School, Fall 2024

Elena Plumb,
Towson University, Fall 2024

Sage Quinn-Blair,
Towson University, Spring 2024

I didn't know what to expect coming into the internship besides expecting I would do tasks related to setting up and organizing the gallery, and I looked forward to being in the gallery environment and being around art more than anything.

The most unexpected experience I have gained here at TAC would be bartending at the monthly receptions.

I am most proud of my work creating signage from start to finish for the gallery, my favorite being the plaque with the TAC mission statement.

Ben Christovich,
Towson University, Spring 2024

I wasn't exactly sure what I would be doing when I got this internship. I wanted some experience working in a gallery setting to decide if it was something I wanted to pursue further, and I can say now that it's definitely something I'll be continuing in the future.

By far the most unexpected thing I've done in this position was bartending for the monthly shows. It was such a unique experience and I got to meet so many of the wonderful artists, as well as develop my pouring skills.

I'm most proud of some of the promotional work I've done, coming into this internship I didn't have much experience with designing flyers or anything like that, but after developing those skills all semester long I can definitely say I've improved.

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11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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