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Towson  Arts  Collective

TAC is Looking for a professional to grow our mission.

Executive Director Proposal: Towson Arts Collective


To appoint an accomplished and visionary leader for the position of Executive Director at Towson Arts Collective (TAC), responsible for steering the organization towards sustained growth, community engagement, and cultural enrichment.


- Proven leadership experience in arts and cultural organizations.

- Strong organizational management skills, particularly within a volunteer-driven structure.

- Demonstrated success in fundraising, grant acquisition, and financial stewardship.

- Expertise in community outreach and building strategic partnerships.

- Passion for fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion within the arts community.

Proposed Responsibilities:

1. Strategic Leadership:

   - Develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan aligning with TAC's mission and values.

   - Provide visionary leadership to guide TAC through future growth and community impact.

2. Fundraising and Financial Management:

   - Identify and secure funding opportunities, grants, and sponsorships.

   - Oversee budgeting, financial planning, and ensure the organization's fiscal health.

3. Community Engagement:

   - Strengthen ties with local communities, artists, schools, and businesses.

   - Develop and implement programs that enhance community involvement and cultural enrichment.

4. Volunteer Coordination:

   - Effectively manage and engage with a primarily volunteer-based workforce.

   - Establish volunteer training programs and recognition initiatives.

5. Program Development:

   - Introduce innovative programs and events that align with TAC's mission and resonate with the local community.

   - Foster an inclusive environment that celebrates diversity through art.

6. Marketing and Outreach:

   - Oversee marketing strategies to enhance TAC's visibility and reach.

   - Utilize various media and platforms to promote events, exhibitions, and workshops.


- Funds raised from grants and special donations

- Executive Director onboarding and transition: July, 1, 2024.

Budget Allocation:

- Competitive salary package reflective of the candidate's experience and qualifications.

- Budget allocation for strategic initiatives, marketing efforts, and community engagement programs.


The appointment of an Executive Director is crucial for TAC's continued success and growth. The selected candidate will play a pivotal role in shaping the organization's future, fostering community connections, and ensuring Towson Arts Collective remains a vibrant cultural hub for years to come.

All interested candidates please send
your resume to Genie Briggs:

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